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Should I take AWS CSA Pro Beta ?

I worked in AWS for 3 years and recently passed AWS CDA and CSA asociates exams. I finished AWS CSA Pro course somewhere and will finish both AWS Pro courses before 30th Nov. I cannot book beyond 30th November, so chances are beta exam will close by 30th November. Coz after beta is released, I will have old CSA Pro certificate in hand(even if it is not outdated). Please advice.

2 Answers

Hi Hemant, 

Not sure I understand the question.  If you sit for the Beta, you won’t get your results immediately but rather sometime after December 3.  If you sit for the current exam, you will get your results immediately.   If you pass either exam, you get the same certification with the same expiration date of 2 years.  AWS has said they are end the current exam on Feb 3 2019 and the new exam (out of beta) on Feb 4 2019.

Which one you take is up to you.  There is a FAQ post I did in this forum with the question of which one should I take.

Hope this helps,


Hemant K

Thank Scott. Your FAQs helped. Will plan to take the new version.

I came up a question with AWS PSI because from the website availability is until December 30, when you go to their certmetrics page the AWS Pro – Beta exam is up until November 30 only.

Scott Pletcher

It seems like the beta exam time was extended from Dec 3 to Dec 30. It doesn’t look like the exam registration website is updated yet…at least as of yesterday.

Hemant K

Yes, but they mentioned that beta exams is closed either on last data or when capacity is full. I guess they are reaching their capacity and closing before last date.

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