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S3 strong read-write consistency changes to the S3 consistency diagram in SAP

I know that if I were to pass the SAP exam tomorrow the diagram in chapter 2.3 would still be valid.

But just in case I want to be sure that I understand it correctly:

The two middle rows can be entirely deleted while the first needs to be amended to "all S3 GET, PUT, and LIST operations, as well as operations that change object tags, ACLs, or metadata, are now strongly consistent."


The last row is still accurate I believe. Right ?

1 Answers

Hi Youri,

Yes, under the old consistency model, the middle two rows theoretically go away.  HOWEVER, in practice, I haven’t observed this first hand.  Rather, the other day when I was deleting lots of objects from a bucket in order to delete the bucket, I ended up having to wait around 15 minutes or so until the bucket realized it was truly empty….to me, that still seems to be eventual consistancy.

But, you’re right in that we shouldn’t expect to see that feature come out in exams for around 6 months or so as that’s the internal rule on AWS exams…something needs to be GA for at least 6 months before it can appear on an exam.


Youri Vandevelde

The old theory vs practice. Thank you for sharing =)

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