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S3 delete objectes in replicated s3 bucket

If I want to delete a file and It should delete in all replicated s3 buckets. what should I do to overcome this limitation?

1 Answers

Hi Kiran,

At first I wasn’t sure what you were asking, but think I understand now.     You have a bucket in one region and you have setup that bucket to replicate to another region.  You delete an object in the first region but it does not delete in the replica region.  Correct?

By default, this is desired behavior as you’d want your replica to serve as a backup in case you accidentally deleted stuff in your primary bucket.   However, looks like you might be able to override this with a custom replication config:
You could always setup a Lambda function to perform the delete on the replica bucket when a delete happens on the original bucket.–Scott
kiran kumar

thanks bro

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