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Resource is Members-Only

That resource is a members-only video. Can you recommend a free resource?

3 Answers

Hi Michael,

Not sure what resource you’re referring to here.  Could you be more specific?


Michael Davis

Sure. The resource suggested in the lesson "Concepts" is "Fundamentals: Subnets and CIDR", and links to the ACG Fundamentals page The "Networking: Subnets and CIDR" video near the bottom is what I assume you are suggesting. It is marked Members Only.

Ok, I see.  Yes, some content is only available to people with monthly subscriptions to our platform.   You can probably get most of the same information from AWS’s page on IP addressing:

Or, you can just pickup a subscription!


Michael Davis

Thanks. Would be nice, My company is subscribed to a competitor, but I really like your courses. I’m still considering membership, but the value to me is less because I already bought these courses.

This guy has some easy to understand videos

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