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Hi, It’s not a question but a small remark. I’m making the quiz, and if I look in the answers, I read a lot the first two are wrong because …. Nice but the order of the answers are random on the screen. So my two answers where right and not wrong this time. Please repeat the necessary part of the question, so that the order what I see on the screen is not important any more related to the answer. Thanks!

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Hi Norbert,

UPDATE:  Pushed an update to the quiz to fix occurrences of this wording.

UPDATE: I now understand what you’re referring to Norbert. I can fix those wording issues.

If I understand, you are asking that the answers remain in the same order every time you take the quiz? The answers are supposed to be randomly ordered so that you can take the quiz over and not memorize the position of the answer. This is just like the exam simulators and the real exam.

If I’m not understanding, please let me know.



It appears paragraphs and line breaks are not supported in sub-responses to answers, only in "New Answers." Accordingly, I posted my response to this question in the form of a new answer to this question. See below, I believe it should explain Norbert’s question. Formatting as a "New Answer" makes it much more readable.

No, that’s not what Norbert is saying – he’s not asking for the answers to the questions to be in the same order every time.

I noticed the same phenomenon which he did, let me see if I can help explain further.

Short Version:

The detailed explanation of the correct answers uses the phrase, "The first two options cannot be correct because . . ."

In short, any references to "ordering" (correct or incorrect ordering) should be removed from all quiz answers.

If the order of the answers ever varies, then, there is the potential for one or both of the first two answers to be correct, even though the detailed explanation indicates the first two answers are ALWAYS incorrect.

Details and Example:

An actual example which happened to me:

Q: What is the purpose of a Egress-Only Internet Gateway? (Choose 2)

1) Allows VPC based IPv6 traffic to communicate to the Internet

2) Prevents IPv6 traffic accessing the Internet by utilising Security Groups

(Edit: utilising vs. utilizing – those British/Australian roots are really showing through, aren’t they? 🙂 Bloody Yankee over here.)

3) Prevents IPv6 based Internet resources initiating a connection into a VPC

4) Allows instances communicating over IPv4 or IPv6 to access the Internet

The correct answers are 1) and 3), and the scoring of the question is totally fine, as it correctly scores a response of 1) and 3) as correct. However, in the detailed explanation of the correct answers, in the "Good Work!" box, the response includes the text:

"The first two options cannot be correct because . . ."

But, due to the random ordering of the answers, in this case, the first answer is correct,

This means the wording, "The first two options cannot be correct" is not correct.

The question is being scored/graded correctly, the primary content of the detailed explanation of the answer is correct, but the phrasing "The first two options cannot be correct . . . " is not consistent, as it is the case that one of the first two answers is correct. Given the random order of the answers, it is possible that, in another instance of this question, both of the first two answers could be correct, rendering the detailed explanation even less accurate.

Norbert Overbeek

This is exactly what I mean.

Scott Pletcher

Ok, I see. I can definitely fix that. Thank you for alerting me!

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