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Quiz Question – Half way through the upload, you try again to fetch the metadata

What is the difference between the answers – Upload not yet complete and Upload is not fully propagated?

Where in the documentation does it state the subtly on metadata retrieval on an in-progress upload?

2 Answers

Here’s the documentation of all operations that you can perform on objects in S3:

I’ve gone through this documentation and its actually very helpful. I’d also recommend the S3 Masterclass here on ACG for more in depth info on S3.

Still, I think you’re over reading the question. While you may be making a metadata retrieval on the object, that still a request on the object. The key to the question is to understand that just because the upload is complete (and in this case it isn’t), that doesn’t mean that the object may be immediately available (i.e fully propagated).

This gets back to S3s consistency model…

Take a quick review and I’m sure it will refresh your memory.


As per the question .. request was made Half way through the upload so its not complete, propogation is after completion so would the answer not be :Because the upload is not yet complete, we will receive a 404 Not Found.


I agree with Ameen. It is not about over reading, it is a matter of logic. The true reason why the request results in a 404 IN THIS CASE is because the upload is not complete. If the question mentioned that a 404 was received after trying a fetch IMMEDIATELY AFTER a complete upload, then the fully propagated option would have been correct imho.


I’m probably over-reading too. But in the context on the question (GET done in the middle of the upload), I’d say that the 404 main reason is because the object is not uploaded yet.

In regards with propagation, i’d expect a question mentioning "download is completed – what would return the GET metadata"

I’ll be glad to get more explanation on this one, as this is typically costing point at the exam.




It seems to me that A and C are saying the same thing

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