AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Quiz Question

Your client is contemplating migration to a hybrid architecture over the next year. What preparation tasks would you suggest that would be directly tied to supporting this migration? (Choose 3) 

I would select these in my answer:

Spend some time uncovering or verifying current on-prem total ownership costs.

Ensure that there are sufficient change management processes in place.

Create an accurate inventory of all systems and services.

This doesn’t make sense and not mentioned in CAF whitepaper  " Re-architect tightly coupled interfaces to loosely coupled patterns."

2 Answers

Hi Simon,

When approaching an CSAP question, you really need to look at it from a wider view as an Architect would.  Loosely coupled interfaces will generally allow for more flexible architectures and migrations over tightly coupled interfaces.  This is covered in several other whitepapers, including the AWS Well-Architected collection and in the whitepaper "Architecting for the Cloud".

These are not specifically resources for migrations but cloud architecture in general which you should be familiar with going into the Exam.


This helped me better understand tight- vs loose coupling:

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