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the question presents options for data storage and the correct answer seems to be "Database on Ec2" however, the text box that apears talks about neptune (graph DB) seems like it is a typo or rather an incomplete option, i believe it should be either "Neptune" or "Graph database on EC2"

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Hi Rafael,
  Let me go find that and see what is going on  😉

Coach, Moderator, & Quiz Mafioso

I can see the questions here, and can see what you are saying. 

It is a reality of AWS question that you will often not be given the best answer or the answer you would like.  If you were offered "Neptune" it would be a great answer, as would "Graph database on EC2".

But the question does not offer those, so just like in the exam you will need to find the best offered answer by eliminating the wrong answers.

Of the offered answers; two are not databases so you eliminate them,  DynamoDB is clearly not suitable for tracking relationships, and RedShift is OLAP not transactional and would not be a suitable platform (according to AWS doco).

This is a question that has been created to intentionally prepare you for the AWS exams by reinforcing that you will not always get a best or preferred answer in the exam.  You need to find the best of what is left. 

If you have not gone through it already please do watch our AWS Exam Prep course to better understand the nature of AWS questions.


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