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Quiz Architecting at scale

Your DynamoDB table has approximately 25GB of data and 1000 RCUs. How many partitions can we expect for this table?

The answer is 3 but it marks as correct the "unable to determine with the given information"

1 Answers

The formula for number of partitions is  ( readCapacityUnits / 3,000 ) + ( writeCapacityUnits / 1,000 ) = initialPartitions (rounded up) 

Also the max size of partition is 10 GB. So for 25 GB it would at least be 3 partitions.

We know RCU but not WCU – so in theory we can say – not enough information to determine.

Jheison Rodriguez

In the video DynamoDB at Scale min 1:32, Scott explains the total partitions are going to be decided by the maximum of either Capacity calculation or Size calculation

Jheison Rodriguez

Capacity calculation = ( readCapacityUnits / 3,000 ) + ( writeCapacityUnits / 1,000 )

Jheison Rodriguez

Size calculation = total size /10GB

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