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question on air quality lab

Hello, for air quality lab, I found that answer is Indio with value of 0.069, I fetched the data from S3 bucket @ Am I doing anything wrong?


Chaitra – 0.069 in Indio is the highest (single) entry. The question asks for the location with the highest average (there are 23 entries for Indio in the data).

4 Answers

It was good knowledge and understanding of data flow and result with the easy

Hi Chaitra,

Some other people have gotten different results and it usually revolves around how they chose to build their SQL query, specifically how they are doing aggregations (ie SUM)  Getting the same results isn’t necessary to still have the learning of the process of using the tools and getting some hands-on.


I got the same result, which was much higher than Tulare’s value @ < 0.06. I didn’t take a look at the query but it looked awfully complicated. Here’s the query I used:


FROM "athena_lab"."2018_10_09"

WHERE parameter = ‘o3’

AND country = ‘US’


LIMIT 1000;

I also didn’t create a view or go through the Quicksight stuff, as I don’t think that heavy experience with that will be required on the exam.

I also overlooked the word ‘average’ and found ‘Riverside-something’ at first. In the end I created the following query in Athena…: 

SELECT city, AVG(value) AS o3avg FROM "openaq"."2018_10_09"

WHERE (("parameter" = ‘o3’ ) AND ("country" = ‘US’))



And for the record: Quicksight doesn’t work for me when using the playground.

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