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question correction – ebs snapshot

question was:

You are consulting with a client who is in the process of migrating over to AWS. Their current on-prem Linux servers use RAID1 to provide redundancy. One of the big benefits they are looking forward to with moving to AWS is the ability to create snapshots of EBS volumes without downtime. Right now, they intend on migrating the servers over to AWS and retaining the same disk configuration. What is your advice for them?

correct answer was listed as:

If snapshots without downtime are the priority, do not use RAID.

Probably needs to be updated,

To create snapshots for Amazon EBS volumes that are configured in a RAID array, use the multi-volume snapshot feature of your instance. The multi-volume snapshot feature is a one-click solution that takes individual, point-in-time backups of all Amazon EBS volumes attached to your instance. This process makes sure that the backup of your Amazon EBS volumes attached to the instance are in sync relative to each other, resulting in an accurate restore of the Amazon EBS volumes in RAID.

unless I’m missing something?

1 Answers

Hi Michael,

Yep, when multi-volume snaps were introduced, it made it possible to backup RAID arrays without having to take the array offline.  We’ll get that question updated.


Michael Gough

thanks, you just never know with documentation and updates : )

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