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Question about management settings in quicksight and a tip or two

Hi All,

I found the management settings were very different to those you were showing. I managed to figure it out but still very different. I am wondering if this is because I chose the standard Quicksight and not the enterprise version?

When using quicksight geospacial map, Quicksight is smart enough to determine the location of the city without coordinates – very handy feature, you just need to have the city names in the blue column or Y axis and chose "Points on a Map". Sweet!


Facing the same issue. Can you provide directions on how to resolve?

2 Answers

Hi Christopher,

What you’re probably seeing is just the continual evolution of the AWS services.  I know that when I originally recorded the lab, Quicksight was relatively new but I also know that AWS has poured lots of resources into making it a serious contender to the other modern business intelligence and data visualization tools out there.  

Glad you were able to still learn and discover.  That’s really the point of any labs in this course…I want people to be comfortable enough to explore and find new solutions rather than just follow some static recipe.


Facing the same issue.  Can you provide directions on how to resolve?

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