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Question 12 Data Store Quiz

The correct option DB on EC2 is too generic, why not Athena to analyze relationships

1 Answers

Hi Jay,

If the question you’re referring to is "Which of these database approaches would be best for storing and analyzing the complex interpersonal relationships of people involved in organized crime." then Athena is not one of the provided answers which is why we can’t select it.

The question tests your ability to eliminate and select the best option. This is a key distinction between the Professional exam and the Associate exam… The Professional exam will give you scenarios where you don’t get to pick the obvious options but you have to think two, three or four steps forward.

In this case, the other options are Elasticache, Redshift, S3, Dynamo and Neptune and we’re asked to pick two. Neptune is in because it’s a graph database…perfect for relationships. Of the remaining ones, Database on EC2 is so generic that it makes it the best option over all those other options because I can run a graph database on EC2.


Jay K

Thanks for the explanation but IMO given these choices I would still dig more in to specifics of the requirements for trade off between the complexity of relationships vs overhead in managing DB on EC2. Thanks again for your response

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