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Q5 S3 uploads

Q: "Via CLI, you try to fetch some metadata from a file from an S3 bucket but get back 404 Not Found. You then realize the mistake and upload the file. Half way through the upload, you try again to fetch the metadata. What is the expected outcome and why?"

A: Because the upload is not propagated fully, we will receive a 404 Not Found.

Why is this a propagation issue ? Seems like the file has not been uploaded initially causing the 404 and the 2nd upload is not complete, the correct answer would be.

"Because the upload is not yet complete, we will receive a 404 Not Found."


1 Answers

Hi jimjam,

You’re right, the question is worded awkwardly.   I’ll push a change to clarify…something like "immediately after the upload, you try to fetch metadata…what are the possible outcomes?"



Thanks, appreciate the feedback.

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