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Q11 Which are characteristics of OAuth 2.0?

More of a comment really. The link provided does not mention OAuth 2.0. it does mention SAML 2. Its confusing. Is the questions asking us to consider if OAuth 2.0 is suitable for SSO ?

1 Answers

If you are asking of comparing SAML and OAUTH 2.0 .. Both have different purpose to serve ….

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an umbrella standard that encompasses profiles, bindings and constructs to achieve Single Sign On (SSO), Federation and Identity Management.

OAuth (Open Authorization) is a standard for authorization of resources. It does not deal with authentication.

If your usecase involves SSO (when at least one actor or participant is an enterprise), then use SAML.

If your usecase involves providing access (temporarily or permanent) to resources (such as accounts, pictures, files etc), then use OAuth.

If you need to provide access to a partner or customer application to your portal, then use SAML.

If your usecase requires a centralized identity source, then use SAML (Identity provider).

If your usecase involves mobile devices, then OAuth2 with some form of Bearer Tokens is appropriate.

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