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Private Link is supported cross region too

1 Answers

Thanks for sharing Arkadiusz!  I just pushed an update to the slides.   This is good news for those who use multiple regions and PrivateLink endpoints…before, they had to create them in each region.


Why is there VPC Peeering needed for the PrivateLink? My understanding was that this is not necessary within the same region and also a better practice than peering as this is in line with the least priviledge principle.

Scott Pletcher

If the PrivateLink endpoint only exists in one region, you can use VPC peering to privately connect to the service. You can read about it here:


Thanks Scott, so it looks that across regions, you need peering between the VPC Endpoint Service and VPC Endpoint Interface to work. I expect this AWS will evolve this later on because within the same region, connection between the Service and the Interface works without extra the peering.

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