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Premise vs. Premises

Hi!  I’m no grammar expert, after all Georgia is probably at the same quality education that Alabama does, but I don’t think "premise," is singular for "premises."   A workload is not "on premise," it’s either "on prem," or "on premises."

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Hi ceenglan,

Yes, the interwebs are awash in debate over the proper terms.  According to the grammar police, "on-premises" is the proper term but I guess "on-premise" has been conscripted by many many others the same way that "ya’ll" has been to become common parlance.  I personally use them interchangeably without guilt or consternation as I’m a grammar rebel.

Ya’ll take care now.


Steven Moran

I love y’all. I use it all the time. I started back in high school German for my 2nd person plural verb declensions, and have used it ever since.

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