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Practice Exam question’s “correct” answer of using FlashGrid Cloud Cluster AMI in production is not a good idea.

The practice exam has a question concerning a "health record management company" running Oracle RAC on-premises and its migration to cloud.

The explanation of the "correct" answer says "Create your EC2 Oracle RAC infrastructure using a FlashGrid Cloud Cluster AMI. Migrate the database to a cluster of EC2 instances and the web servers to EC2 instances."

But FlashGrid is not a supported platform for running Oracle RAC: you would be running a critical production database without official Oracle support. I think this is not something a professional architect should recommend.

Oracle’s documentation:

"Can I use FlashGrid® to enable shared storage for Oracle RAC?

Answer: No."

"FlashGrid® offerings in support of Oracle RAC have not been tested nor reviewed by Oracle.".

Additionally the question explanation claims that answer "Migrate the database to RDS Oracle" is incorrect because "Amazon RDS does not support Oracle RAC". I have personal experience of migrating an Oracle RAC database to a standalone Oracle database: both EC2 instance(s) running Oracle and Oracle RDS are possible targets: The migration can be done, for example, with datapump or DMS.

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