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Pizza Mnemonic

1) I want that Pizza just looking at it

2) I love that Mnemonic Device, lol!!

Well Done!

Jakub Gaj

It’s quite old one, but easy to remember and sticks for years, trust me 🙂 I liked the ‘poof’ bit of the RTO/RPO 🙂

1 Answers

Haha!  Thanks Jake!  We should have a contest on our social media channel to see how many OSI Model mnemonics we can come up with..

Nick, one of our instructors taught me a new one a few weeks back:  Please Do Not Touch Steve’s Pet Alligator

Jake Evans

Hahaha! That’s Fantastic!


The one that we learned while studying for the CISSP was: A Pizza Slice Tastes Nice During Parties!!!

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