AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passing AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional without on the job experience

Hello everyone,

I passed my solutions architect Associate some weeks ago and tomorrow I am sitting the Developers associate exam.

I am thinking about my next steps and if I should spend more time getting the Solutions Architect Profesional certification.

Is it possible to get the certifications without on the job experience? and if it possible is it worth the effort?

I have a lot of experience architecting solutions but not in AWS.

Thank you for your time and help!


2 Answers

Hi Ilias,

I think for the professional exam, hands-on experience is really key…and this is more about getting to a true understanding of how and why things work on AWS versus any sort of special "number of years" requirement.   On the forums, we will see students who pass without experience occasionally however.   The CSA-Pro course (2019) is designed to help tie together "real-world" architecting with AWS specifics and the challenges and labs help reinforce that.   You might give a few of those a try and see how you do, then decide what might be next.



Hi Scott,


Good point on doing lots of hands-on for cementing the concepts. I just passed my AWS – SA Associate yesterday. I really learnt a lot from your course and Ryan’s. Keep up the good work. I will start my preparation for next exam now.

IMO you do need to do more Labs. Otherwise it’s really hard to pass the SAP exam.   AWS Certification  team is very cautious to set the bar

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