AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed the SA Pro exam 12/16

Many thanks to Scott for the awesome ACG course and to others who have posted their experiences on here.  I had a two week period where I was able to dive into the ACG course pretty hard and take notes along the way.  Then I got really busy at work and had to push my exam back a couple times, leaving only maybe 1-2 hours a day to study and review stuff.  Unlike some others I didn’t really cram for 6-7 hours a day leading up to the test.  It left me with the sense that I would probably fail the first time and wasn’t prepared enough, which was maybe good that I had low expectations going in, rather than being very nervous!

I’ve done a good bit of work in AWS for the last couple of years, moreso on the infrastructure / networking side than anything.  Also have done a lot of work and study on Control Tower and Landing Zones, so the AWS Organization stuff comes pretty easily to me.  I will say my test was heavy on AWS Organizations, so I was happy about that.

Overall I think the exam has a rather general feel.  I don’t recall seeing any one particular service that made me think I needed to go back and really study this specific thing if I need to take the exam again.  Serverless apps seemed to be a very big component of the exam.  Do recall seeing a whole lot of services mentioned in the class, but very heavy on EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, storage, backup and DR.  For cramming I used the blog: really to get a high level refresh of services I didn’t know or wasn’t very familiar with.  This is more like your cliff notes version of the key points of the services, but I really needed that in a short period of time versus reading whitepapers or getting information overload.

I did read a good number of white papers and went over all the exam tips, making sure to focus on the tips that weren’t very familiar to me.  I did notice during the exam some really long questions that went over 2 minutes, so I did have to be conscience of time for the last 20 questions or so.  I finished the exam with 3 min left, but really made sure that I read all the questions and answers to be certain of what the question is asking.  If the question asks for the most cost effective solution, the one that isn’t highly available may still be the most cost effective.  Read the question thoroughly, know exactly what it is asking for, and quickly rule out the wrong answers is the best plan of attack.  Good luck to everyone taking in the future!

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Awesome Adam!  Well done!

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