AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed the AWS Solutions Architect professional Exam on 09 April 2020 !!

It was challenging & tough exam, Just a background about me: I am not working in the Cloud/ IT Sector , i am trying to move from Telecom to Cloud Sector. I started learning Cloud one year back & got three certifications so far : Solutions architect associate & security specialty & finally the SAP certification. Hope this time to got a job in the Cloud as Solutions Architect because i work a lot to reach this point plus i am really motivated to work in this cloud sector.

Now back to the exam, I want to start by say many thanks to SCOTT !!! your course help a lot. The best parts i like the services comparison when to use not to use. The exam simulator on cloud guru is really difficult but it let You study more & more to increase your confidence, AWS questions are mostly tricky as usual i follow the strategy like other AWS exam which i passed by taking my time to answer the question. I gave maximum 4 minutes for the question because some questions take one minute to 2 minutes to answer so if you compensate the total time  will reach the exam almost at time, I dont know it depend on you how you manage but for me this strategy working fine. I finish my exam and one and half minute left & finally when clicking end end button you find the best answer in the world " Congratulations you have passed the exam " & as Scaott said end of the course this is the best feeling !!

Exam questions are about:

  • Disaster recovery maybe around 4 to 6 questions: 2 about using S3 cross region replication & dynamoDB global tables, Cloud Formation (reusable template : Mapping , pseudo parameters, ….),

  • Migation : DMS,ADS,SMS ( agentless ,  )- remember if you want to know more information about the server you need to install the agents on on premise  

  • Serverless : i was surprised by the number of questions maybe 6 or 7 all about how to Troubleshoot specially between API gateway & lambda . some answer if you can increase the RAM/ CPU on lambda to increase the performance. some about modifying the caching on API gateway. Just i recommend to be more details in the course on cloud guru how to TS Server less architecture 

  • one question about Cloud front but it was tough : forward Query String Parameters /  Request Headers + multi origin.

  • 3 to 4 questions about centralizing account management in AWS Organizations , one of the questions using SAML multi account in Organization 

  • Cognito  : one question easy . Remember if the question is included user must authenticate with google/Amazon cognito is the best choise

–  appstream  / Workspaces : 2 to 3 questions but not easy, one how to share between users

  • Route 53: how to share the DNS Servers between VPCs

  • DC: when to choose Direct connect gateway  : if you have 2 or 3 VPC only for example do we have to use VIF or DC gateway

  • Snowball: easy question 

  • SSM VS CW Agents

  • SQS : only 1 or 2 questions (Surprised Actually i was expecting more)

-Kinesis and IOT integrations

  • Mechanical turk : i was lucking to read one day before the exam some blogs , its integrated with SQS 

  • AWS Connect /Lex 

  • Elastic Beanstalk : Deployment strategy – Rolling ,…

  • ECS : improving the security —> AWSVPC network mode. Difference between TASK Roles & execution Role

Aurora/Athena/Autoscaling appeared also but dont remember the questions

The sources used for preparing Cloudguru + linux academy + whites papers suggested by SCOTT + many FAQs specially for the Migration/Serverless . Practice test jon bonso on udemy(Must taken). Last thing to advise you must know each service integrated with each service is veryyyyyy importantttt. I hope it help

Next target still not decided  i would like to take AWS Advanced networking Certification or start with Azure.

Good luck for everyone

Jens Båvenmark

Congrats on passing the exam


Congo buddy on passing the exam..

Rabih Fatfat

Thanks !!

4 Answers

Congrats Rabit!  Thank you for the exam write-up as well and paying it forward!


Rabih Fatfat

Thank you Scott !

Congratulations! Planning to take this exam this year.

Rabih Fatfat

Thanks Roy & Good luck.

Congratulations! Presumably you took the exam online? How was the whole experience?

Rabih Fatfat

HI Asifs, Yes i Took the Exam online, IT was ok Actually. At the beginning i was little bit worried about the Internet connection due to the speed is going down and UP but as a whole experience was Good. Just follow the instruction by Pearson Vue and the most important you have the do System Precheck prior to the exam on the same PC which you are planning the do the exam to avoid any surprise, the process how to do the test is easy and posted on the Pearson VUE site.


Great. Thanks for the feedback. In terms of the difficulty and length of questions, which practice test was closest to the real thing? The CloudGuru exam simiulator? Jon Bonso tests?

Congrats man, Im planning to take mine in about three weeks. this summary is most helpful

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