AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed the AWS SAP exam Aug 2021

Hey all, today I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam in a proctored exam center from Pearson VUE. I just wanted to briefly share my thoughts and my study materials with you all to help another out as these forums helped me.

I spent about 4-5 months studying with variables hours of study per work day (1-2 hours).

My primary study materials were:

ACG SAP Certification course

Jon Bonso’s AWS SAP Practice exams via Udemy (These were crucial — without these, I could not have passed).

Jon Bonso’s eBook for AWS Solutions Architect Professionals

AWS Whitepapers

AWS ReInvent videos (supplemental)

Job experience (roughly 2 years on the job using AWS in different capacities)

In terms of topics you’ll encounter, well, each exam will have totally different questions. Some of my questions featured the following that I found difficult and uncommon. There are common things that you should all know that features heavily as well including ASG, ALB/NLB, EC2, S3, etc.:

VPC Endpoint PrivateLink



Rt. 53


Kinesis Firehose

It was very difficult and I wasn’t sure if I would pass until the very end. I must say though, having on the job experience made a big difference in terms of visualizing everything. If you can’t get that or don’t have it, labs can be a decent substitution but is not the same unfortunately.

Best wishes and good luck to anyone taking this exam!

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