AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed Solutions Architect Professional – May 25th 2019

I successfully sat for the SA Pro cert yesterday morning. I don’t have much of a write-up compared to the other Specialty exams I’ve passed. It was pretty much what I expected, hard and verbose. The exam is very broad and covers a lot of the AWS services with questions often involving the interaction between multiple services. I studied using the 2019 updated course (Thank you Mr. Pletcher), the new exam simulator, and the white papers and Re:Invent videos recommended in the domain wrap-ups. Preparing for this exam epitomizes the old adage, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." My goal was to get thought one white paper or Re:Invent video a day. I wasn’t always successful, but it worked in the end.

Best of luck, everyone!

Edit: Added links to whitepapers and Re:Invent videos

Re:Invent Videos

Bhanu Pratap Singh

Thanks for sharing

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Did you see any new topics in the SAP exam, which are not covered in the exam? can you list out the white papers and re:invent videos you have watched?


I’ve updated my original post with links to the whitepapers and videos.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your list of reviewers/videos!


A) Had you already taken the Associate or went straight into Pro?

B) For Pro, approx. How many hours across how many days did you think you spent? (E.g. On average 3 hours a day for 90 days)

C)Did you take notes and if so was it physical/book or digital? I prefer physical but like the convenience of digital. I know its personal preference but interested to hear what you did.

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