AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed Solutions Architect Pro (old exam)!! (but took CSAP 2019 Beta)

I took and passed the old exam on Saturday! I was a little confused about which course to take so I asked Scott Pletcher. He quickly responded that it was fine to take the 2019 even if preparing for the 2018 course. Now, having passed, I’m glad that I listened to his advice. In addition to just preparing for a test, I rather know the newer services taught in the 2019 courses. Plus, the 2019 course is top notch: well organized, engaging, focused, interesting, etc. Scott’s voice/manner of speaking is easy to listen to hour after hour, which is a rare thing, especially with technology people. I did a few hours of the 2018 course also and just preferred the 2019. Two thumbs up!


Thanks for your great advice , I am starting today the 2019 AWS Solution Architect Pro. I believe i will pass the exam by February 26

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Wow!  Thanks Dirk and congratulations!  I’m glad we could be part of your Exam success!


Scott, what would you say to those who claim that Acloud doesn’t go as in depth on material as Linux Academy? One comment i found online said you cover about 80 % of exam topics, 50 % of depth, missing topics like Elasticache,Dynamo DB,Redshift and SQS in depth.

@Dirk Could you please share your plan to study and how did you practice ?

Hi did you have the Associate before you passed the Professional exam, would you recommend skipping the Associate and going straight to the Professional?

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