AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Pass AWS SA Professional 11/18/19

Hi all. I just passed the exam and wanted to give some feedback. 

The exam is very long and time intensive. For reference I took all 4 of Jon Bonson Udemy practice exams and finished them in 2 hours. I finished the actual exam with 30 seconds left. Do not flag questions! Take your time through the exam once, read the questions and break down what its asking and eliminate the wrong choices. If you flag questions, you will have to go back at the end and reread the entire question again and you are just wasting time. You just spent double the amount of time on a single question with no different knowledge about it.

Try to understand what the different use cases are for each service and its limits. This was really important. The exam is not about memorizing facts but understanding why its better to use SQS vs Kinesis for some situations or Lambda vs EC2. 

Thank you Scott for the course, I love the stories you tell in the beginning and the format. A request for the course: even in my day to day job working with AWS, I do not get to do certain activities i.e. Migrations or setting up a Direct Connect. If there was a sandbox environment or some simulator to do this, it would help reinforce the material and give expose to some. The best way to learn is by doing.

Best of luck and stay positive!

Deepak Adlakha

Congratulations on passing this exam.

Deepak Adlakha

I am also preparing for this exam, but struggling with migration and cost questions. any suggestions you have for me like on how i can improve on those two areas ?

1 Answers

Congratulations, and well done on passing an absolute marathon of an exam; one of, if not the hardest that AWS has to offer. Those are some really solid points, and hopefully other students get something out of them too!

On the Sandbox point, we have begun rolling out AWS Sandboxes for our Business customers. So far, it doesn’t include any options for simulating things like DirectConnect, or handling complex migrations, but we’ll take those bits of feedback forward as well.

Best of luck with the next step on your cloud journey!

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