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oracle RAC

has anyone implemented Oracle RAC in AWS using EC2 and still managed to retain Oracle support

Johan Bjørn

You mention whole region outage. Has that ever happened? How likely is it?

3 Answers

Hi Joshua, 

Sorry noone was able to answer your question.   Closing this question out for now as unanswered.


Google search returns many links/tutorials since 2015, Market place has an ami as well as iscsi storage nodes to build the infrastructure, no mention about Oracle Support.

Yes, I have been part of a team that migrated an Oracle RAC environment from on-prem to AWS. I believe the instances were X-class, and RAC was quite difficult to get running smoothly. If I recall we ended up abandoning RAC due to numerous consistency issues we faced, and just moved to a single master/slave configuration. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

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