AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Notification on Updates to Course Content

Hi Scott,

First, thanks a lot for the great course on AWS-CSA professional beta. I notice that you update the contents of the course with the latest findings/corrections and that is really appreciated. I have a kind request for you on this. Once some content is updated, could you send us any notification or update a thread in this forum so that we can keep track of what is updated and when. The reason is I have completed most of contents by now and when you update any of the content that I have already completed watching, I do not get any notification but only the updated date (e.g. 2 days ago). Unless we check the last updated date of every content on daily basis, there is no quick way to figure out what is updated after launching the course. If there is any notification facility that would be great! But if the platform does not support you to trigger such notification to let us know the updates, Could you start off a new thread to capture all notifications on updates and we can regularly visit and see what is updated and what content should be re-watched.


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Hi Ark,

This is a great idea! Just like the beta exam, this is a beta course so we’re adding, correcting and editing pretty regularly. Our current platform doesn’t allow us to trigger notifications and there’s really not a good way to see a summary of changes easily. The current forums don’t allow us to create a sticky post either.

But, I can create a post that I update when significant updates are made to the course. Some updates are very minor, like removing an extra "the" on a slide…and I won’t include these. But I will include material corrections or new adds…like today we just added a new lab for the Networking chapter.

Thanks for the idea!

UPDATE: And here it is:



Awesome! I will bookmark this forum thread and regularly visit to catch any updates! Really appreciate your quick response for the request! 🙂

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