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Nifty s3 tricks

When you request pay for s3 download – are the download via the internet (meaning – you can read the file using a static website/bucket to a bucket only) or can be actually downloaded to your computer?

Thank you in advances for your help


Steven Moran

I’ve never seen a place within AWS to "pay for S3 download". Where are you seeing this?

1 Answers

I think you’re talking about "Requester Pays" for S3 buckets.  I would encourage you to try this out for yourself to get a good idea about how this feature works and the limits around Requester Pays.  Takes about 5 minutes or less to set it up.

Sure you can download to your computer, but you’d need to supply the x-amz-request-payer in the request so AWS can know who to charge.  Additionally, enabling Requester Pays disables anonymous access.

Probably not something that would work with a static website and web browser.  It’s generally used more for distributing subscription-type data…like huge geolocation files or web crawling logs…where companies purchase access to that data and have to pay to download it. 

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