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NFS over WAN?


Regarding option C.

Can we mount EFS on-premise without Direct Connect or VPN?

Secondly is it good solution design (from exam point of view) to run NFS/EFS over internet?




I think in one of the videos, the instructor said that NFS is very chatty from a network perspective. So, if the underlying network isnt stable or is traversing long distances then in my opinion its not suitable to use NFS. So for that reason i personally would not use NFS over VPN and certainly even with direct connect it would maybe depend on the latency etc. Others can comment if I am wrong.

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Hi m,

Aravind is right that NFS likes to have a pretty stable and fast network connection.  AWS used to say you could only use EFS remotely if you had Direct Connect, then they adding in a VPN connection as well.  From an exam point of view, you are more likely to get a question on DataSync with EFS or S3.  Probably worth getting familiar with that service and how you might use it to keep on-prem volumes in sync with EFS.

I personally would not use NFS over a WAN link as any sort of slight disruption could corrupt a file transfer activity.   I’d probably go for Storage Gateway or DataSync instead that’s more designed to be async.


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