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New or old exam

Now I have finished the course and the beta exam is over. I want to test the new exam. What do I do? Have you tested the old one or what will I do?

I finished the course and prepared for the exam but I am confused. Have you tested the old one or wait until the exam is updated? Is it necessary to repeat the exam if the new one?


AFAIK, release of new version of exam does not invalidate the old exam nor expire the certified status (unless 2 years have been gone and expired)… If beta duration is not extended, I suggest you to wait some time and do the new exam. Because, the old exam will be retired once the new exam is released. Also, you will get this course too updated on some contents which were not covered by now. Because, the more time goes, the more feedback the author gets from the beta exam takers.

mohamed mamoon

I am currently buying the course. Will I get the updates to talk or buy the course again?

mohamed mamoon

Thank you for your response to my question but expect to drop the new exam after a while

1 Answers

Hi Mohamed, 

Ark is correct in that any CSAP exam, Beta, Old or New (when released on Feb 4) will result in the same certification.  You should see updates to the course as "Updated" or "New" tags listed on the course outline.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to push alerts when updated occur…yet.   

For now, I am maintaining a running list of updates done and to-do here:

I would also suggest you wait for the new exam because that’s going to test you on more modern topics.  The purpose of the cert program is to provide a structured way to learn and I’d rather be learning the newest stuff myself.



Hi Scott, Thanks for the feedback , i just started studying this new course content and will be targeting new exam after Feb 4th. Regards

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