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New AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam – Feb 2019 version

Hello guys,

I recently passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam and next month, I am planning to take the new Feb 2019 version of the Solutions Architect Professional (SA Professional) exam. 

My goal for this year is to secure a new Senior Solutions Architect role and having this certification will help me get the job and have an advantage over the people who only have Associate-level AWS certifcation.  

Is anyone here who recently took the new SA Professional exam? I 

I have been searching over the net and there are just a few information about the new exam. Even the sample practice questions on the official AWS page are still not updated.

I also stumbled upon this article in medium but I am not sure if this exam feedback is accurate or not:

For now, I am considering to take A Cloud Guru’s course here by Scott Pletcher but upon checking the curriculum, I don’t see the new services such as Systems Manager, AWS Organizations, AWS Config and many other new services? Will it be updated soon? 

I hope someone can shed light and discuss with me since there are only a few sources that I see online. I’ll just buy the official AWS practice exam for now to gauge my knowledge and weak spots, then share my experiences here again.


I took the exam last Saturday and passed with 848. IMO, the course alone is not sufficient. My situation may not be exactly relevant in your case. I have been after AWS for last 5 months and this is my 6th certification. I had also took beta, but narrowly failed. I suggest use other courses for relevant section. SysOps course is great for AWS Config for example. Code* is great in dev course.


If you have enough time, why not finish all available and recently updated courses. For most important AWS services, you must read userguide. I found exam to be bit easier than test exam, I had only scored 60% in test exam. I also used LA’s new course, which is roughly 50% available, but great source.

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Thanks @awser for your reply. It’s sad to know that the ACG course is not sufficient. Scott mentioned that the course is updated but it looks like contrary to your exam experience. I have been working with AWS technologies since 2014 but I still have no experience with new services such as AWS Organizations and SMS. 

I also took the official AWS practice exam yesterday which I failed. May I know what is LA? Is that LA course different with ACG? I am compiling all great resource for my preparation. Can you also comment about the list of services mentioned in this post:  do you think it is accurate? I saw something about AWS Systems Manager and AWS Organizations (OU, SCP), will there be a lot of questions about these concepts? 

thanks again


Linux Academy, their SA Pro course is "In-Development"

Mukul Gopal

thank you Nick, are you planning to take the new AWS SA Pro too?

awser,    Thank you for your reply. Could you post your experience?

Mukul Gopal


I took the practice exam yesterday and failed with 60%. I don’t understand why AWS included Code* questions in the exam. They are more relevant to SysOps Pro exam.

Hi Mukul,

Just to confirm, I do cover AWS Systems Manager (Chapter 8 – System Manager), AWS Organizations (Chapter 4 – Multi-Account Management), AWS Config (Chapter 8 – Management Tools), Service Catalog (Chapter 4 – Service Catalog), Step Functions and Batch (Chapter 6 – Step Functions & Batch).


Mukul Gopal

Hi @Scott, thank you and you are right, the "System Manager" was there, could you please rename it to "Systems" Manager with an "S"? I made a mistake because I just ctrl+F and search for the word: "Systems Manager" that is why I thought it is not there. Thank you for clarifying!

Hi guys, thank you for all your help for the past few weeks. I am happy to announce that I passed the exam, all thanks to all of you!

Here’s my exam feedback! I hope it can also help other people pass their AWS exam!

Wow, you’re fast! You posted this thread 3 weeks ago and you passed the exam after 2 weeks of study? I read your exam feedback and I think that is possible if you are really dedicated in your study and have years of AWS experience. I even see some posts in Reddit that they pass the exam with just 10 days of intense review. 

I am also planning to take the exam this coming April. I want to pass the exam and treat myself a fancy movie ticket for the upcoming Avengers End Game movie as a reward. Thank you for sharing your journey, you are an inspiration Mukul!

Mukul Gopal

I have a lot of years of experience in AWS and I recently passed the SA Associate exam so that gave me the advantage. In my view, you can confidently pass the SA Pro exam if you focus on the new AWS services, and have an in-depth knowledge on each service/cloud computing concepts.

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