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networking quiz


I dont agree on the Direct connect question in the networking quiz.

from the DC FAQ’s:

Q: What are the technical requirements for virtual interfaces to public AWS services such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3?

This connection requires the use of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with an Autonomous System Number (ASN) and IP Prefixes. You will need the following information to complete the connection:

A public or private ASN. If you are using a public ASN, you must own it. If you are using a private ASN, it must be in the 64512 to 65535 range.

A new unused VLAN tag that you select

Public IPs (/30) allocated by you for the BGP session

By default, Amazon will advertise global public IP prefixes via BGP. You must advertise public IP prefixes (/30 or smaller) that you own via BGP. For more details, consult the AWS Direct Connect User Guide.

and as you state DC is a single connection so…. NOT HA

2 Answers

Hi Nando,

If you are talking about the question asking "Which of the following are FALSE with Direct Connect?", which part do you disagree with?  Did you perhaps misread the question?


I will say this: i author questions for a lot of professional certification exams (like the CISSP and AWS exams) and we generally prohibit asking questions that ask negatives ("which of the following is false" or "which of these will NOT solve the problem", "which of these is NOT a feature of service X" etc.). The cognitive burden on the test taker is far too high. We want to focus test takers on remembering the right things. When the question is basic / definitional, we always write questions where the answers are positive/true. It’s not that you can’t have a question that asks "which of these might be the problem". It’s just that we don’t ask "which of these is NOT the problem" or "all of these will fix the problem EXCEPT which one" or anything like that. Invert the logic and the question should still be valid and it will be more representative of what most psychometricians encourage on standardised exams.

Sam T


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