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Network Challenge 2 – ELB Network Load Balancer could also be a perfect solution couldn’t it?

Challenge 2 mentions Sticky Sessions and SSL (i.e. TLS) as the main reasons to decide between the answers.

According to the course content, the Network Load Balancer supports Sticky Sessions since March 2020 and also allows for TLS secured transport protocol. That indicates that the challenge answer should be updated and also include Network Load Balancer as a perfectly valid answer.

Can anyone clarify this?


burst traffic should be better deal with NLB and with sticky sessions and ssl termination capabilities present now, NLB seems to be better choice

3 Answers

I would assume how NLBs work on layer 4 while ALBs work on layer 7 would also play into this, I could be wrong though.

Scott Pletcher

Yeah, I’d still choose an ALB in this case over an NLB if I was dealing with HTTP/S traffic just beacuse it’s purpose-built for that. NLB will absolutely work though.

Mahmoud Hafez

If the question is asking the best way to spread the load then my understanding is that the main concern here is performance not functionality so NLB should be the better answer

Ideally both can do the job but I kind of agree on NLB over ALB in this scenario. NLB would help a quicker load balancing in case of sudden spike in traffic. NLB Made to handle millions of requests per second securely while maintaining ultra-low latencies.


The question doesn’t say anything about sudden spikes

ALB would be overkill for this job. NLB can also fulfil the requirement, is cheaper, can handle spikes better and delivers better performance.

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