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Multicast vs Broadcast

In the Solutions Architect Professional course in the "Concepts" section there is a slide saying Multicast is not supported. I think you need to clarify that both Multicast nor Broadcast are not supported because in further sections of this course it makes references to Broadcast nor supported but it in the Concepts section you only said Multicast, which results confusing.

2 Answers

Hi mkreder,

The place you’re referring to in the lecture was comparing multicast to unicast.  I’ll take your suggestion under advisement for edits.


A Montgomery

I always thought unicast was 1-1, multicast was 1-n and broadcast was everyone.

This bit of the class describes multicast incorrectly. The description is broadcast (everyone receives), but multicast is to specific IPs that nodes can subscribe to.


The metaphore (blue brothers) got me thinking about broadcast as well…

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