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Mistake on Exam Simulator – AWS Transit Gateway

Hello. I found a mistake on an exam simulator question- it starts with "A financial services company operates in all fifty U.S. states. They’ve decided to.." 

What the question asks for is a perfect example of when to use AWS Transit Gateway and in the answer explanation, it says "Transit Gateway would be the best approach, but it doesn’t currently support cross-account connections inherently. It can be done, but it requires Direct Connect Gateways in each of the participating accounts (we don’t want to have to manage Direct Connects in each account)".  

Cross Account access is supported and Direct Connect Gateways are not required either. 



2 Answers

Thanks Water,

Might be a case of services being improved but the question was written when limits existed.  We’ll check it out.



Hi Scott, I appreciate the response. I try not to nit pick any of the questions but this one felt on the fence for me. Its not really clear to me when to use the Transit Gateway vs Transit VPC

I have the same question too, hope Scott can clarify the answer.

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