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MFA problems

Hi I have recently set up my MFA authentication , I set this up yesterday and now can’t enter the Aws console as it asking for MFA which I thought I knew? Can you help?

Steven Moran

Um… the code that your MFA device is showing you isn’t being accepted by the console login? What exactly are the symptoms of your problem?

Ian Watson

Thanks for your input .AWS simply disabled my MFA for me to login unsure what the exact issue was .

2 Answers

Hi Lanwatson,

You can contact AWS support and they have a process which which you can recover your account if you loose your MFA token.  A few years ago, I had to use that process after rooting my phone, which wiped out my Google Authentication app.  (I’m now Yubikey all the way!)

Fortunately, I had setup challenge questions which made the process painless.  If you did not setup challenge questions, then it will take longer and I’m not really sure what the procedure is for Support in that case.


Thanks very much that , contacting AWS was my first port of call.They simply disabled the MFA .

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