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load balancer and EC2 instance type

One question i am not able to find AWS documentation. 

Does all EC2 instance type needs to be same behind load balancer. Or can i have mix of different instance type. For example i have 5 instances. (All should be t2 XL or can i have 3 t2 XL and 2 c XL). 

Any thoughts or documentation link ?



2 Answers

I think you can run different type of EC2 instances, and different number of instances in each AZ behind LB; it’s recommended that you should have the same type of EC2 instances and same number of instances in each AZ behind LB because if you have cross zone load balancing enabled on your LB, the each LB node will load balancing the requests evenly across all your registered instances behind LB but the cross zone load balancing doesn’t take account of EC2 instance size differences.

Deepak Adlakha

Thank you the explanation.

It’s very excellent information and more real facts to provide that post. Thank you for sharing this information.

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