AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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List of White Papers and Reinvent Videos links for each section

Hi, I have started preparing for AWS Certified Pro Solutions Architect Professional beta exam and I was wondering if you could provide links to white papers and Reinvent videos that you are recommending as part of attachments under each section.

2 Answers

Hi Subhash,

Thanks for pointing this out! I did have links to all the whitepapers and videos in the Exam Tips lecture, but they must have gotten dropped when I pushed an update. I will add them to all chapters within a day.

UPDATE: Links to Whitepapers and Videos have been updated to the Exam Tips lectures. And to answer another question I received on course material, A Cloud Guru does not distribute copies of our course slide decks.



Good deal, thanks for doing this. I was thinking I was missing something somehow, Patrick

Scott Pletcher

If you notice other things a-miss, please let me know. This course is going through its paces just like the Beta Exam. Always looking to fill in gaps or improve.


The links are all gone again, there is no attachment to any lecture. Could you please relink them?

Thanks, Scott!.

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