AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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List of Practice Exams Available

Hello Cloud Guru,

For the architect professional exam, I am aware of the following practice tests :-

AWS practice test

(Not in any specific order)  

Any other one available ? Which one is recommended from the above list?

2 Answers

Hi Deepak,

A Cloud Guru of course recommends the practice exam right here on our platform.  I cannot comment on any other practice exams as I haven’t used them.


Deepak Adlakha

Thanks Scott

Jon Bonso from Udemy is really good and he co-founded his own company selling practice test.

He has some free ones you can try.

He compares platforms here:

I feel it reasonable price and there are some discounts you can apply and he has promos.

More importantly, they’re helpful.

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