AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Lambda isn’t covered thoroughly in this course

…but was the because it’s unnecessary or should we go over the Lambda course?

2 Answers

I’ve not taken the SA Pro (yet), but I would presume that – as an architect – my focus on lambda would be knowing how that service can be utilized to make an infrastructure more resilient, performant, cost-optimized, secure, and more efficiently manageable, as opposed to actually implementing an application using lambda, which is more of a developer/devops skill.

Steve’s correct.  The new exam does not contain lots of how-to-use-Lambda questions which is why I didn’t include it much.   But, we are getting reports of more and more Serverless Application Model and AppMesh showing up on the exam.   I’m preparing a new lecture on these topics to be sure we’re covered.


Sowmitra Nalla

ok, that’s basically what I was wondering. I saw posts that Lambda and serverless was intensely covered as well from colleagues and online posts. Was wondering if the ACG knew that and was point students to the Lambda course. Would going over the Lambda course cover SAM and AppMesh?

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