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Kinesis Data streams

What are the main uses of Kinesis Data Streams? (Choose 2)

1) They can carry out real-time reporting and analysis of streamed data

2) They can undertake the loading of streamed data directly into data stores

3) They can accept data as soon as it has been produced, without the need for batching

4) They can provide long term storage of data

According AWS: You can have your Kinesis Applications run real-time analytics on high frequency event data such as sensor data collected by Kinesis Data Streams, which enables you to gain insights from your data at a frequency of minutes instead of hours or days.

So Kinesis Data Streams only provides the data and that way enables analytics using the applications while the answer suggest Kinesis is doing the analysis it self.

Why not writing the answer more accurate e.g. using the word enabling instead of carry out.

1 Answers

Hi Jeroen,

I agree, the wording is a bit confusing.  Looks like that question was pulled from another course.  I’ve updated it with "enable" rather than "carry out".


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