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Is volume reflected as disk drive inside instance ?

I launched a windows instance. When connected I was able to see Local disk (C:) drive of 30 GB in it. I increased volume size to 100 Gib and added another volume to this instance. Reconnected to instance after that but didn’t see any change in size of C drive or addition of new drive. How can I check addition of volume from inside the instance ?

1 Answers

EBS volumes are analogous to the hard drives available to the operating system of the EC2 instance that they are attatched to.  While the boot volume will always be formatted with a compatable file system and pre-mounted, if additional EBS volumes are attached they are NOT formatted and mounted within the OS .  You will need to use a disk management utility within the operating system to complete that process.

Similarly, increasing the size of an EBS volume makes no changes to file systems already on that volume.  That increase in EBS volume size should be visible as unused disk space within your disk management utility.

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