AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Is the Exam simulator for SA Pro 2019 analogous with the current exam?

I’m just curious if it’s going to help to use it? I generally study best with question, answer type scenarios. While I’ve taken the course, I’d like to do some practice exams that explain answers before I do the AWS practice exam and ultimately the actual exam.

2 Answers

The exam simulator contains questions that will be very similar to those you will see on the new exam.  They are long, complex and tricky.

I have been using exam simulator and it is good. I am also using other practice exams from other training providers for SA Pro for additional learning. I won’t expect much on the exam simulator but only with my personal study plan and the feedback from the people who actually took the exam. 

I’ll take the exam tomorrow, I’ll share my experience too just like what other folks did here. ACG Forum is really helpful!

Mukul Gopal

Just an update, I passed my exam last Saturday. The ACG Simulator exam is good but I say, it can be improved because I saw a lot of complex and difficult scenarios in the actual exam which are not covered by the ACG exam simulator. I suggest that you equip yourself with additional resources. Here is my exam feedback, I hope it can help you pass the exam:

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