AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Is the Course on AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2020 still relevant ?

I just wanted to confirm that if there were any plans to refresh this course OR if this course still is up to date with respect to subject matter ?

Matthew Clauss

I’m also wondering the same! It would be great if someone from the ACG team could weigh in and let us know if there are near-term plans to refresh the materials for this course!


Yes, I would like that too !


Is there a way we can tag an ACG member in this thread ?

no answers yet?

Ramesh Narayanan

At least for the lessons on SPOT – need to update. There is no more the concept of bidding in SPOT.

3 Answers

Naturally, things are always changing, but the course is still relevant imho.

Is the cloud guru  practice exam and course material updates are covered 2021 ?  

Not able to correlate the practice exam and course structure are covering different perspective.  

Coverage has to be more on material side. 

As we need to determine the effectiveness of the course what are the practicals/scenarios needs to be worked out ?

Need a help on this.

I could not able to find any latest 2021 updated on cloud guru practice exam and course material updates for AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional 2021

Have a doubt on practice exam questions ?.  kindly help on this below answer justification 

A sporting goods retailer runs WordPress on Amazon EC2 Linux instances to host their customer-facing website. An ELB Application Load Balancer sits in front of the EC2 instances in Auto Scaling Groups in two different Availability Zones of a single AWS region. The load balancer serves as an origin for Amazon CloudFront. Amazon Aurora provides the database for WordPress with the master instance in one of the Availability Zones and a read replica in the other. Many custom and downloaded WordPress plugins have been installed. Much of the DevOps teams’ time is spent manually updating plugins across the EC2 instances in the two Availability Zones. The website suffers from poor performance between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays due to a high occurrence of product catalog lookups. What should be done to increase ongoing operational efficiency and performance during high-volume periods?

Answer : Deploy Amazon ElastiCache Memcached as a caching layer between the EC2 instances and the database. Install a WordPress plugin to read from Memcached. Implement Amazon Elastic File System to store the WordPress files and create mount targets in each EC2 subnet.

Alternative answer i am thinking is below

Use Amazon ElastiCache Redis as a caching layer between the EC2 instances and the database. Change wp-config.php to point to the Redis caching layer, and have Redis point to Aurora. Move the WordPress files to S3 and have WordPress access them there.

My justification is AWS  Elastic Cache Redis provides more high availability than Elastic Cache memcached.  And, Word press does work with S3 as well rather than NFS.   I am getting confused why this answer is not correct    If my understanding is not correct, kindly guide me when we can choose ElasticCache  Memcache.

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