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Is DynamoDB On-Demand scaling on the exam?

Anyone know if On-Demand scaling is on the Architext pro exam? I’d imagine it is since it’s such a huge game changer. With it there is no need to setup scaling your self anymore and avoids the zero usage problem he outlined. But with the trade off possibly doing more reads/writes than you intended to do and then having to eat the cost of it.


Are you asking if DynamoDB can scale ? if so DynamoDB scaling of hardware is handled by AWS


There’s a feature of Dynamo that allows capacity to scale based on demand, and that is what he’s referring to.

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Being that it’s only 9 months old, I really doubt it. If I’m not mistaken, the current version of the exam came out in February, and I’d estimate that services start to appear on the exam at the earliest a year after it’s services are released. If that’s correct, that’d apply to service feature releases as well.

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