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In challenge 1, ordering A vs. C is very subtle.

In challenge 1 – the difference between A and C is very subtle. Putting D first and B last is easy. However, I picked C (s3) over A (ec2+EBS) because there is a requirement for scalability even though IA is selected and might be more expensive. However, without access to a cost calculator, are we supposed to be able to know the difference? The cost of a high throughput CPU might outweigh the storage costs. I would like to hear more about the reasoning between those two. Remember, close doesn’t count.

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Hi Richard,

This question comes up every so often.  I think it’s reasonable to argue for either A or C being better or worse.  The tie-breaker in this case and when it comes to the exam, is that you need to watch out for answers that use services in a way AWS didn’t intend.  Option C uses Infrequently Accessed Storage but per the questions, we should expect huge demand…meaning frequently accessed.  AWS clearly doesn’t think people should use IA when things will be frequently accessed as they charge a premium when they are accessed.   This is a dead giveaway that this answer should be eliminated or in this case, prioritized lower.  Hope this helps.


Richard Morrisey

Thank you for your reply Scott. Just so you know, what I was hanging on though is that is also is supposed to be ‘scaleable’ with a ‘huge’ demand in the first few days. Option A only mentions a single EC2 instance serving up FTP. Then, that hure demand apparently goes away after the first few days, right? So I’m not sure I can still wrap my head around A over C. But thanks for your response.

Richard Morrisey

In any case – I’m honored to receive a response by the course instructor himself. I can also understand how a huge initial wave could bankrupt the company given the wrong storage class. BTW – you can tell Ryan it’s cache as in @$$. 🙂

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