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I think the games files shouldn’t be public

I agree with everything said in this challenge, except one thing: In the question it says that the additional game modules are not free. So, they shouldn’t be public accessible in S3.

So I would choose option C, even though it would be more expensive because of the IA storage class.


2 Answers

Hi Vinicius, Do you think S3 IA is a good way to distribute up to 70 GB files to many customers? S3 IA designed for data that is accessed less frequently. It cheaper store data than S3 Standard but more expensive to request data.

You can control usage of paid modules on level of app (game).

Montana Bailey

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Good question. I think all of the options would allow for a paid option:

A. FTP access can be controlled via the application.
B. URL is provided by the website, and this could be controlled using a web store app.
C. The URL could be available only on a paid section of the website.
D. Same as above. While the files would be out in the open on various torrent clients, this is true for any of the options. Once the file has been downloaded, it can be shared.

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