AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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I passed the CSA Professional today

Scott, and everyone at acloud guru and everyone posting to the forum giving encouragement to follow through!  My journey started here.  Acloud guru has always been my go-to AWS source.  This time I did add Linux Academy as a second point of view on the same material.  I actually found that useful.  To earn the CSA Professional I had to go through nearly every other AWS certification training on both acloud guru and LA.  Especially Security and Network.  I still plan to loop back and take those exams as well.  In the end however, the slide from Scott’s deck that shows the holistic approach is the key!  It took me 4 attempts to slay the dragon, and each time I pushed myself to go deeper across the board.  Finally just reading thousands of pages of raw documentation!  Watching every AWS YouTube video I could get my hands on, rewatching training videos reading whitepapers, blog posts, live AWS twitch streams, eat sleep drink AWS.  In the end I learned way more than I ever thought possible.  Thank you for that!  Best of luck to those still on that journey!  I’m going to take a brief break and go get the DevOps Professional next 😎


"In the end I learned way more than I ever thought possible." … Excellent!

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Well done Mike!   Congratulations and so happy you stuck with it!


Hello – can someone please explain what is "..slide from Scott’s deck that shows the holistic approach..". slide deck and is it available on line

Scott Pletcher

I think he’s talking about the slide in the Intro where I say that this course is only one part of a holistic approach to truly knowing the material. For example, you also need hands-on, whitepapers, various videos, etc.

Venkat Gorthi

Is it possible get slide deck of the training courses as PDF or other format, that would serve as quick reference/review for many of us

congrats Mike! Just curios how long preps is taking for a AW SAP level? I know it depends from workload and other commitments but in your case please advise can you share your timeline?

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