AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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I passed the AWS Professional Architect Exam (Feb 2019 version) on 3rd May 2019

I passed the professional exam today (3rd May). Thank You, A Cloud guru and Scott Pletcher.

It was a tough exam. I don’t know my score yet, but I don’t think I would have scored more than 800 given the difficulty level of many of the questions. Most of what I faced is covered by Mukul Gopal at . In fact, it was one of the inputs for my preparation. A big shout out to Mukul Gopal. Apart from what is covered there, the following are what I faced.

(a) Have some understanding of Alexa, Lex, Aws Connect

(b) Have some understanding of MPLS and understand the use cases of it. I did read about that some months back, but could not recollect it when needed. I possibly got it wrong.

(c) Also have some deep dive knowledge on Redshift, S3 data lake, EMR, hive etc. I am completely from typical Java/J2EE/SOA background and have not worked on Big data at all yet. I must have got a couple of deep dive questions on this wrong. Those questions were not the typical recommendations for the type of instances for EMR / Redshift.

Also, a shout out to Jon Bonso and his ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam’ on Udemy. He has done a good job at recreating the actual difficulty level of the exam fairy well without having a single verbatim copy. If you practice those exams, you will get some idea of the actual difficulty level.

Tadjibaev Ulugbek

Hi, so what is your score in the end?

Sujith Babu


Sam T

Questions on MPLS – that is surprising?

7 Answers

Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Congratulations Babu! I am preparing for my AWS Professional exam and I keep reading Tutorials Dojo practice tests in addition to ACG course:

The feedback that I am reading is great but I saw that it has only 4 sets. Do you think that in addition with ACG, using Tutorials Dojo practice tests would be enough to pass the exam? Thanks!

Riaan Badenhorst

Yes, but its 300 questions. If you want more you can check these out too (another 400 with good explanations)

Christopher Wong

Thank you Riaan. I actually have WhizLabs already, but I kinda dislike it since I don’t see a lot of new services on their practice tests. They’re good but I don’t see topics like Systems Manager, Mechanical Turk , AWS Managed Policies and many other new ones that Mukul Gopal mentioned. I just skimmed the Tutorials Dojo practice tests and it looks great to me. Better to review fewer , yet relevant, questions than 400 irrelevant ones.

Sujith Babu

I bought whizlabs also, directly from their site. But the actual difficulty level was much less than that of the actual exam and there were too many easy questions.

Sam T

I have Not used Whizlabs for this, but have used it once for something else. Yes lot of their questions are duplicates, overlaps, and lots of general fluff. Out of 400 maybe you will net out 100 good/suitable questions. So 100 questions could be worth the effort and cost (and the cost is very low).

Congrats and thanks, these are topics I haven’t dived in deep on yet.

Thanks Roman for sharing your experience! I tried to open the link but can see nothing on there:

Please could you resend Mukul Gopal’s link as this is incomplete. Many thanks…..

Congratulations! I think I will go for this after doing all of the associates over the next 2 years. Thanks for all you do for the community.

Congrats Sujith !!

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